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Dan Lane

Managing Partner
Our founding partner has a long history of being at the forefront of technology and business with a proven track record of having a transformative effect on the growth of any business he is involved in; whether it’s a £600m multinational or small early stage startup. When he’s not in meetings he can be found sailing in the Solent with the Andrew Cassell Foundation, a charity that Dan is proud to serve as Chairman.

Jon Slator

Brand Partner
Jon is an award winning designer who through his 15 year career has worked with brands at many different stages from the well established such as Hugo Boss and Coca-Cola to those who were just starting out like Ecotricity and Gravity Industries. Jon’s mission is to build strong brands for our portfolio companies and manage every aspect of the look and feel of our products with an emphasis on usability and ease of access. When he’s not standing at his desk Jon can be found rowing, cycling, climbing, and rollerblading with his family.

Will Boyce

Technical Partner
With a CV listing several Fortune 500 companies, The Syngenta Foundation, and most recently a large IoT hardware service provider; Will is ideally suited to lead our development team. Will specialises in large-scale architecture and DevOps engineering but when he isn’t hunched over a dark terminal he can be found enjoying craft beer, eating pizza, smoking meats, or cheering on his beloved Liverpool FC.

Randy Adams

Venture Partner
Throughout his incredible career Randy has been responsible for the creation of Adobe acrobat and PDF, the first e-commerce site on the web, desktop publishing on the PC, the initial funding & governance for Yahoo! and the first web-browser on a phone. Recently he has been working on ML-based mobility models for autonomous vehicles and AI powered digital human avatars. Randy leads our US operations and is on-hand to mentor our portfolio founders. Having raised more than $100MM in venture capital with five successful exits returning billions to investors, he is perfectly positioned to aid our portfolio companies in raising venture capital.


Security Partner
A convicted hacker who now advises corporations, Governments, and ultra high-net-worth individuals around the world on all aspects of security. As well as co-founding several startups themselves, XXXX specialises in adversarial simulations, red team operations and business risk. XXXX is on hand to assist our portfolio companies and their founders in all security matters.

Room for one more?

We are always interested in working with smart people.